Creating life-changing medicines

Genocea discovers and develops vaccines and immunotherapies using a transformational technology platform for T cell antigen discovery.

Cutting edge technologies. Compelling solutions.

Genocea’s proprietary technology platform ATLAS™ is the first of its kind to enable comprehensive profiling of T cell responses between hundreds of humans exposed to a pathogen to identify drivers of T cell response.

Deep pipeline of medicines that matter.

Genocea’s rich pipeline of T cell-enabled product candidates include: GEN-003, a therapy against HSV-2, GEN-004 to prevent pneumococcal diseases, and earlier stage programs in chlamydia, HSV-2 prophylaxis, malaria and cancer immunotherapy.

About Genocea

Genocea aims to transform vaccine discovery and development to improve millions of lives. We use ATLAS™, our proprietary technology platform that rapidly identifies T cell antigens associated with protective immune responses in humans exposed to a pathogen.

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Disease Focus

Infectious diseases remain an urgent and persistent global health threat, in both the developed and the developing world. Vaccines are recognized as the most cost-effective and successful approach to managing such diseases, yet traditional methods for discovering and developing vaccines are too slow and insufficiently comprehensive to meaningfully address the complexity of many pathogens.

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