Gen-003 For Genital Herpes


There have been no new therapies for genital herpes in 20 years. GEN-003 has consistently and safely improved several important genital herpes disease parameters in clinical studies.

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Personalized Cancer Vaccines


 Genocea understands that cancer is personal. We are leveraging our ATLAS platform to identify new targets that are specific to each individual. Our expertise in vaccinology enables us to turn those targets to personalized cancer vaccines.

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Top Talent

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Cool Science

We have partnered with leading organizations worldwide in pursuit of developing medicines that will improve millions of lives.

Life Changing Products

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Deep pipeline of medicines that matter.

Genocea is focused on the continued clinical development of GEN-003 and on advancing its personalized cancer vaccine program into the clinic. In addition, it has a number of clinical and pre-clinical infectious disease programs available for partnering.

Infectious Disease Programs Available for Partnering1

1Note:Internal development paused; ongoing focus on partnering assets for further development.