Scientist, Assay Development

Genocea Biosciences is an immuno-oncology biotechnology company focused on bringing personalized cancer vaccines to patients. Using our revolutionary ATLAS™ platform we are creating new lifelines for cancer patients by listening to and learning from their immune system.  ATLAS™ is a high-throughput bioassay that utilizes a patient’s own immune system to identify T cell antigens that are critical to fighting disease. In the case of cancer, the ATLAS platform identifies which patient-specific tumor neoantigens are optimal for recognition by the patient’s immune system and inclusion in a vaccine or immunotherapy. A Phase 1/2a clinical trial of Genocea’s GEN-009 personalized vaccine is ongoing. Genocea is also developing a broad pipeline of cancer immunotherapy candidates. 

The synthetic biology team is seeking an exceptionally creative Scientist with expertise in advanced synthetic biology and cell culture techniques to lead the development of novel antigen screening strategies.  The ideal candidate will generate innovative solutions by drawing inspiration from diverse fields of biology, to design, test, and implement novel bioassays.  Effective communication skills will be key to work well within a dynamic and team-oriented environment.

Primary Responsibilities

  • Drive the design of a novel antigen screening strategy from the ground-up by engaging an interdisciplinary team of molecular, cellular, and computational biologists.

  • Independently plan and execute experiments supporting the development of the new bioassay platform.

  • Generate ATLASTM libraries in support of clinical trial and research screening campaigns.

  • Identify and contribute to experiments designed to increase the efficiency and throughput of ATLASTM.

  • Present scientific and technical data to both internal and external scientific colleagues in a clear and cohesive manner.

  • Mentor junior team members at the bench with the potential for management responsibility in the future.

  • Ensure scientific integrity and documentation of experimental data to meet standards suitable for intellectual property, FDA submissions, and publication.

Required Skills

  • Expertise in advanced synthetic biology approaches (reporter systems, DNA barcoding, etc.) and molecular biology techniques (NGS, gene variant library design and cloning, qPCR, etc.).

  • A demonstrated record of identifying and developing creative approaches to difficult problems.

  • Expertise in bioinformatics, genetic and genomic analysis, data and literature mining, disease and biological pathway analysis.

  • In depth knowledge of relevant public and proprietary databases, methods, and tools (NCBI, UCSC Genome Browser, IGV).

  • Strong writing, editing, and presentation skills required.

  • Ability to work as part of a team, collaborating and communicating effectively with members of other functional groups.

  • Excellent organizational skills and ability to multi-task and embrace change in an extremely fast-paced environment.

  • Experience in immunology, oncology, and/or laboratory automation is a plus.

Education Requirements

  • Ph.D. in Molecular Biology, Cellular Biology, Genomics or other related fields with relevant post-graduate research experience.

  • Additional 1 – 3 years of industry experience.

Vice President, Research

Position Summary 

We are seeking an experienced and highly motivated individual to lead our immuno-oncology vaccine research efforts. As a head of Research, the candidate will develop and execute a comprehensive Research plan for the development of innovative cancer vaccines through exploitation of the company’s proprietary ATLAS™ T cell profiling platform. The position is located in Cambridge MA, and reports to the Chief Scientific Officer. The successful candidate will have a strong background in cellular immunology, cancer biology, and vaccine discovery with extensive management experience. Experience working directly with tumor-specific T cells and previous involvement with contributing to the filing of one or more INDs is required.



  • Functional competency in vaccine research:  The candidate we seek is a Ph.D. or M.D. or with at least ten years of vaccine research experience at a pharmaceutical or biotech company. Though experience or training in immuno-oncology is preferred; our ideal candidate will first and foremost have deep cellular immunology and vaccine expertise. This person must be effective in a small, research-focused, entrepreneurial company where he or she will play a significant role in mapping the research strategy for the company. The ideal candidate will have successfully crafted and implemented research and pre-clinical strategies resulting in successful patent and IND filings. This individual will have a strong understanding of the strategy and content creation to support FDA approval processes for vaccines and a demonstrated track record of anticipating and resolving issues before they arise.

  • Team leadership:  This individual must function well in a highly collegial, entrepreneurial environment.  Our candidate will have had significant management responsibilities and a record of accomplishment of leadership success as demonstrated by having recruited a high performing scientific team and leading multi-disciplinary scientific teams through vaccine discovery and candidate nomination, leading to IND.  

  • Scientific and innovative orientation:  Among the characteristics of the successful applicant should reside a deep scientific curiosity and interest in understanding and further developing Genocea’s technology and/or inventions to innovate based on emerging data, optimize methods, and where necessary, develop new techniques to capitalize on emerging science. The generation of novel intellectual property and publication in top-tier journals is expected. In addition, the candidate will be expected to critically evaluate external technologies and innovations to support in-licensing and partnering efforts.

  • Strategic orientation:  The candidate we seek can define a Research strategy and be an effective contributor to overall company plans with insight into immuno-oncology vaccine development in the context of financial and market environments.  He or she can clearly articulate developing opportunities and threats; and can evaluate options and plans against anticipated commercial and scientific trends. 


Required Skills

  • 10+ years of pharmaceutical/biotech industry experience in immuno-oncology vaccine discovery and development

  • Extensive knowledge of translational T cell immunology with a broad understanding of the current clinical development landscape in immuno-oncology

  • Basic broad understanding of clinical research

  • Experience developing animal models to evaluate cancer vaccine candidates

  • Leadership and management experience coupled with strong interpersonal, oral and written communication skills 

  • Credibility and history of accomplishment as demonstrated with a strong publication and/or patent record 

  • Significant experience working effectively across an organization composed of multidisciplinary teams



  • Excellence in managing logistical requirements of a complex and interdisciplinary bench science.

  • A leader and inspirer of people who operates in a collaborative style yet is demanding, objective and results-oriented.

  • Ability to influence across an organization and to gain the respect of senior management; recognized potential to take on greater responsibilities in the future.  The ideal candidate must have collaborated across organizational boundaries to obtain information, seek opinions and even where conflict exists, drive to a decision.

  • Confidence in decision making within a rapid, flexible and innovative organization.

  • Clear communicator who can process and position problems proactively within an organization and externally in the regulatory environment.  Ability to clearly formulate and deliver appropriate documents (presentations, posters, protocols, papers, study reports).

  • Personable and collaborative with unquestionable integrity and the vision to help create a world-class vaccine company.

Preclinical Biostatistician

Position Summary

Genocea Biosciences is a biotechnology company focused on bringing lifesaving personalized cancer vaccines and immunotherapies to patients. Genocea’s revolutionary ATLAS™ platform is a high-throughput bioassay that utilizes a patient’s own immune system to identify T cell antigens that are critical to fighting disease. In the case of cancer, the ATLAS platform identifies which patient-specific tumor neoantigens are optimal for recognition by the patient’s immune system and inclusion in a vaccine or immunotherapy. A Phase 1/2a clinical trial of Genocea’s GEN-009 personalized vaccine is ongoing. Genocea is also developing a broad pipeline of cancer immunotherapy candidates including next-generation vaccines and cellular therapies.

We are seeking an experienced and motivated biostatistician to join our team. The successful candidate will provide significant statistical expertise in preclinical study design and data analysis in vaccine development and discovery research. They will also support statistical analysis of human immunogenicity assays to define positivity and responder criteria. The biostatistician will have the opportunity to work on developing novel statistical methodologies and improve current methodologies. They will also contribute to scientific advances through independent and collaborative research resulting in presentations and publications.

Primary Responsibilities

  • Serve as key biostatistician on preclinical study design and data analysis

  • Work with scientists to improve reproducibility and repeatability of existing assays using rigorous statistical methods

  • Develop and maintain good working relationships with research and clinical scientists, statisticians, computational biologists, and external collaborators as part of a multidisciplinary team.

  • Provide strategic input into the analysis of large and complex data sets from high throughput platforms

  • Maintain and expand expertise in various computing tools to leverage internal and external data sets

  • Application of various statistical approaches and innovative thinking to analyze immunogenicity assays using real and simulated datasets: define positivity and responder criteria, minimizes false positive and negative errors, improve reproducibility

  • Ability to define pros and cons of applying different statistical methods to clinical data.

  • Build out statistical capabilities and propose opportunities for productivity improvements and implementation plans.

  • Proactively seek input and review from other experts within and outside the group on various projects and research activities and share technical information when appropriate.

Required Skills

  • Proficient with statistical modeling and inferential statistics; actively seeks to acquire knowledge

  • Strong basis in statistical concepts and methodologies such as predictive modeling, mixed effects models, multivariate analysis, etc.

  • Exploratory data analysis and data visualization

  • Expertise in design of experiments and power/sample size calculations

  • Sound understanding of assay qualification and validation parameters and methodology, and statistical applications for assay development.

  • Strong statistical programming skills with R and/or python and SAS

  • Excellent communication, presentation and writing skills with an ability to explain complex technical details in simple language.

  • Good knowledge of drug development and FDA regulations pertinent to statistical analysis of assays.

  • Work well in a team as well as independently and be able to take a leadership role regarding statistical elements in various projects.

  • Candidate will need to understand the "language" of biology, immunology and vaccine development

  • Background in immunology and oncology would be a plus

  • Experience in applied Bayesian modeling would be a plus

Education Requirements

  • MS or PhD in Biostatistics, Statistics, Computational Biology or a related field

  • >1 year with PhD (or >3 years with MS) relevant post-graduate academic/industry experience collaborating within a cross-functional research team

Scientist, Immunology and Cellular Therapy

Position Summary 

We are seeking an innovative Scientist to join our team developing novel cellular immunotherapies.  The successful candidate will advance Genocea’s approach to adoptive T cell therapy with clinical application in immuno-oncology.  The Scientist will design, develop, execut and analyze cell culture studies focused on optimizing processes for T cell expansion.  The position is lab-based and will work in collaboration with other teams.  Activities stemming from early stage process development to later stage interactions with CMOs for technical transfer will be included in this role.  The Scientist will have the ability to independently troubleshoot technical issues and develop optimized processes and assays for critical tasks.  The successful candidate will have a strong background in immunology and T cell biology.  The scientist will have demonstrated hands-on experience with cell culture and immunological assays, such as ICS, ELISPOT, immunophenotyping and flow cytometry.

Primary Responsibilities

  • Develop method for isolation and expansion of human T cells including immune cell enrichment, T cell culture, APC differentiation and maturation and cryopreservation

  • Develop, optimize and qualify immunological methods to support T cell expansion process development such as ICS, proliferation, cytotoxicity and multi-color flow cytometry assays

  • Design and perform DOE experiments to further characterize and optimize cellular expansion

  • Interact with CRO/CMOs for method transfer, technical advice and review of reports and data


  • Excellent ability to perform hands on experiments, research, design, and organize project designs and maintain detailed documentation

  • Excellent organizational skills and ability to multi-task and embrace change in an extremely fast-paced environment

  • Independently motivated, detail oriented and good problem-solving ability

  • Ability to work as part of a team, collaborating and communicating effectively with members of other functional groups

  • Strong writing, editing and presentation skills required

  • A sense of humor is essential

Required Skills

  • Expertise and hands-on experience in mammalian cell culture with specific experience culturing primary T lymphocytes is a requirement

  • Strong background in T cell biology and immunology is required, with background in oncology a plus

  • Demonstrated experience with immunological assays to assess and characterize T cell function such as cytokine secretion, cytotoxicity and proliferation

  • Experience with multi-color flow cytometry and flow data analysis is required, cell sorting experience a plus

  • Excellent computer skills and experience with Microsoft Excel, Flow cytometry data analysis software, and Graphpad Prism are essential

Education Requirements

  • PhD in cellular biology/immunology with a minimum of 4 years related academic or industry experience