Scientist, Immunology and Cellular Therapy

Position Summary 

We are seeking an innovative Scientist to join our team developing novel cellular immunotherapies.  The successful candidate will advance Genocea’s approach to adoptive T cell therapy with clinical application in immuno-oncology.  The Scientist will design, develop, execut and analyze cell culture studies focused on optimizing processes for T cell expansion.  The position is lab-based and will work in collaboration with other teams.  Activities stemming from early stage process development to later stage interactions with CMOs for technical transfer will be included in this role.  The Scientist will have the ability to independently troubleshoot technical issues and develop optimized processes and assays for critical tasks.  The successful candidate will have a strong background in immunology and T cell biology.  The scientist will have demonstrated hands-on experience with cell culture and immunological assays, such as ICS, ELISPOT, immunophenotyping and flow cytometry.

Primary Responsibilities

  • Develop method for isolation and expansion of human T cells including immune cell enrichment, T cell culture, APC differentiation and maturation and cryopreservation

  • Develop, optimize and qualify immunological methods to support T cell expansion process development such as ICS, proliferation, cytotoxicity and multi-color flow cytometry assays

  • Design and perform DOE experiments to further characterize and optimize cellular expansion

  • Interact with CRO/CMOs for method transfer, technical advice and review of reports and data


  • Excellent ability to perform hands on experiments, research, design, and organize project designs and maintain detailed documentation

  • Excellent organizational skills and ability to multi-task and embrace change in an extremely fast-paced environment

  • Independently motivated, detail oriented and good problem-solving ability

  • Ability to work as part of a team, collaborating and communicating effectively with members of other functional groups

  • Strong writing, editing and presentation skills required

  • A sense of humor is essential

Required Skills

  • Expertise and hands-on experience in mammalian cell culture with specific experience culturing primary T lymphocytes is a requirement

  • Strong background in T cell biology and immunology is required, with background in oncology a plus

  • Demonstrated experience with immunological assays to assess and characterize T cell function such as cytokine secretion, cytotoxicity and proliferation

  • Experience with multi-color flow cytometry and flow data analysis is required, cell sorting experience a plus

  • Excellent computer skills and experience with Microsoft Excel, Flow cytometry data analysis software, and Graphpad Prism are essential

Education Requirements

  • PhD in cellular biology/immunology with a minimum of 4 years related academic or industry experience