Senior Scientist, Platform Development

Position Summary

Genocea Biosciences is an immuno-oncology biotechnology company focused on bringing personalized cancer vaccines to patients. Using our revolutionary ATLAS™ platform we are creating new lifelines for cancer patients by listening to and learning from their immune system.  ATLAS™ is a high-throughput bioassay that utilizes a patient’s own immune system to identify T cell antigens that are critical to fighting disease. In the case of cancer, the ATLAS™ platform identifies which patient-specific tumor neoantigens are optimal for recognition by the patient’s immune system and inclusion in a vaccine or immunotherapy. A Phase 1/2a clinical trial of Genocea’s GEN-009 personalized vaccine is ongoing. Genocea is also developing a broad pipeline of cancer immunotherapy candidates.

 The Synthetic Biology team is seeking an exceptionally creative scientist with expertise in advanced molecular biology and cell culture techniques to lead the development of novel antigen screening strategies.  The ideal candidate will generate innovative solutions by drawing inspiration from diverse fields of biology, to design, test, and lead the implementation of these strategies.  Effective communication skills will be key to work well within a dynamic and team-oriented environment.

Primary Responsibilities

  • Drive the design of novel antigen screening strategies from the ground-up by engaging an interdisciplinary team of molecular, cellular, and computational biologists.

  • Independently plan and execute experiments to support the development of robust screening strategies.

  • Identify and contribute to experiments designed to increase the efficiency and throughput of ATLAS™ .

  • Generate ATLAS™ libraries in collaboration with other team members, as needed.

  • Present scientific and technical data both internally and externally.

  • Mentor junior team members at the bench with the potential for management responsibility in the future.

  • Ensure scientific integrity and documentation of experimental data to meet standards suitable for intellectual property, FDA submissions, and publication

Required Skills and Experience

  • Expertise in advanced synthetic biology approaches (reporter systems, DNA barcoding, etc.) and molecular biology techniques (NGS, gene variant library design and cloning, qPCR, etc.).

  • Experience in a high-throughput screening environment.

  • Hands-on experience in mammalian cell culture. Preferably with culturing of primary T cells and APCs.

  • A demonstrated record of identifying and developing creative approaches to difficult problems.

  • Knowledge of bioinformatics, genetic and genomic analysis, data and literature mining, disease and biological pathway analysis.

  • Strong writing, editing, and presentation skills.

  • The ability to collaborate within a matrixed environment.

  • Excellent organizational skills with the ability to multi-task in a fast-paced dynamic environment.

  • Knowledge of laboratory automation and/or flow cytometry/FACS is a plus.

  • Experience in immunology and/or oncology is a plus.

Education Requirements

  • Ph.D. in Molecular Biology, Cellular Biology, Genomics or other related fields with relevant post-graduate research experience.

  • An additional 1 – 3 years of industry experience is preferred.