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The biotech industry is in the midst of a T cell revolution, with significant investment devoted to the discovery of therapies than can harness the power of the T cell, a type of white blood cell and an important part of the immune system that protects us from infectious diseases and cancer. To date, attempts to develop vaccines and immunotherapies that act via T cell responses have been largely unsuccessful, which we believe is because a T cell response must be directed to the right antigens to be effective.

While modern science has become expert at finding targets of B cell responses, identifying the right T cell antigens has proven to be much more challenging due, in part, to the large number of potential antigens and human genetic complexity.

In attempts to solve this challenge, industry has developed complex algorithms to make antigen target predictions based on upstream information. The targets resulting from these predictive methods may prove to have no clinical relevance, may only be relevant to limited patient populations, and/or may only apply to certain types of T cells.

We have developed a technology, ATLAS™, that we believe finds the right T cell antigens and addresses the complex challenges that have confounded others in the past.


Previously presented head-to-head data show that ATLAS, the only platform to comprehensively identify the actual neoantigens to which a patient’s CD4+ and CD8+ T cells respond, is a superior approach for identifying neoantigens for personalized vaccines compared to methods used by others developing similar products.

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