While we focus on advancing our personalized cancer vaccine programs into the clinic, we are actively seeking to partner certain applications of our ATLASTM platform and several pre-clinical and clinical investigational immunotherapies.

Programs available for partnership include:

  • Antigen Discovery: The versatility of our ATLAS platform allows us to not only identify neoantigens, but also tumor-associated antigens, viral-associated antigens, and T cell receptors. MORE
  • Immune Response Profiling: ATLAS can be used as a blood-based, non-invasive assay to detect differing immune responses in patients successfully and unsuccessfully treated with cancer therapies to inform patient selection in clinical trials and clinical practice. MORE
  • GEN-003 for Genital Herpes: A Phase 3-ready immunotherapy with proven safety and efficacy in multiple Phase 2 clinical trials. MORE
  • Other Infectious Disease Programs: Multiple development programs in pneumonia (Phase 2), chlamydia, and malaria (both pre-clinical). MORE

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