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Unique and proprietary antigen discovery platform

ATLAS™ is a proven secret weapon that is changing the way cancer is treated by using a unique, biology-driven approach to developing immunotherapies specific to each patient’s tumor and immune system. ATLAS zeroes in on only those neoantigens that will trigger anti-tumor T cell responses.


The only technology of its kind that can identify Inhibigens™

ATLAS is also the only technology of its kind that can identify pro-tumor inhibitory antigens, or InhibigensTM, which are detrimental to a protective immune response. A growing body of foundational research led by the Genocea team has revealed the mere presence of Inhibigens is linked to enhanced tumor growth and promotes an immune response that can undermine the efficacy of otherwise effective immunotherapies. Explore more information on this breakthrough research below:

ATLAS antigen selection: our foundation

Foundation for effective immunotherapies
  • Included: Antigens relevant to both tumor and patient immune system
  • Confirms antigens are both surface-presented and immunogenic

  • Excluded: Inhibigens, uniquely identified by ATLAS
  • CD4+ and CD8+ T cells responding to Inhibigens can promote tumor growth and compete with immunotherapy anti-tumor effects
  • For any patient, any antigen type, any cancer, and both CD4+ and CD8+ T cells
  • ATLAS is a highly industrialized platform
  • Global patent families protect ATLAS into 2030s

How ATLAS Works

Cytokine response Inhibitory antigen (or “Inhibigen”): suppressesanti-tumor T cell responses Stimulatory antigen: elicitsanti-tumor T cell response Autologousdendritic cell AutologousT cell Blood sample Bacterial vectors expressing each candidate Tumor biopsy NGS analysis Uniqueplasmidsforevery candidate antigen
ATLAS drives Genocea’s emerging immunotherapy pipeline of best-in-class clinical stage programs. Learn more about our ATLAS-driven pipeline.